The Transmission Warranty Requirements

Your cars transmission is critical to the safe operation of your vehicle, and it requires regular maintenance to keep it working properly and to extend its life. Neglecting your transmission can lead to expensive repairs, and in the worst scenario it can result in the need to purchase a new unit. Transmissions are expensive, and the wise car owner never neglects having it serviced on a regular schedule.

Transmission Service

According to Bessler Auto of Pensacola FL, services can be as simple as a routine checkup to a pressurized flush. The flush will replace the old transmission fluid with new and clean the filter and system. Your mechanic will also identify any minor transmission issues that exist before they become serious and costly problems. A routine checkup includes replacing the filter and gasket and replacing any lost transmission fluid. When the lubricant is clean, it extends the life of the transmission by preventing the gaskets and seals from getting hard. This is important because hardened seals and gaskets can cause metal parts to warp and create sticky valves. With a full flush, all of the transmission fluid is replaced. The pressure forces out all of the old fluid and also cleans the internal parts and filter of the transmission. Problems with your transmission can be detected with either a routine checkup or a flush. The most accurate revelation of what is happening inside your transmission comes the pressurized flush. It will expose the existence of cracks and decaying seals. Its far better for your car and your wallet to replace a seal or gasket and avoid serious damage. If neglected, the damage can result in the need to replace the transmission.

Benefits Of Changing Transmission Fluid

According to West Side, there are several benefits received from changing your transmission fluid. It will prevent your vehicles transmission from getting hot and locking up. When that happens, you car stops running. You can prevent this from happening by changing your transmission fluid if it turns black. You will save money by taking care of your transmission because your engine will run clean and efficiently, and that means improved fuel economy. There is also less wear and tear on your transmission and engine when your transmission fluid is clean. New transmissions are very expensive, but yours can stay healthy for a long time if you have it serviced regularly, and keep that fluid clean.

Be sure you get the longest life possible from your transmission by keeping it serviced regularly.

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