Find the right car for you in Cardiff


Are you looking for quality cars for sale in Cardiff? There are many great second-cars on the local market. No matter what your tastes, needs and budget are, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that suits thanks to the exceptional diversity on offer. More and more drivers are buying used cars all the time in order to miss out on the vast depreciation drop seen by most cars after just a single year on the road. Buy the right used car and you’ll hopefully have years of great motoring ahead of you without having to pay out more than you can afford.

Viewing a car

Always feel free to ask as many questions as you need to before you sign on the dotted line. The more you know, the easier it will be to reach an informed decision. Has the car been serviced regularly? If it’s more than three years old, has it undergone MOT testing? You should be able to find out by looking at the paperwork. View the car in dry and light conditions where faults can’t be hidden by rain or darkness.

Who are you buying from?

Make sure you can actually afford to run the car. The price tag may seem great, but this may be of little use to you if you can’t cover tax, fuel and insurance. It may be wise to buy from a dealer rather than a private seller. Get your car from a dealer and you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which makes life much easier for people who need to return cars for refunds. Most dealers are part of trade networks too – they don’t want to risk being kicked out of these associations for failing to treat their customers fairly.

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